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We’ve been keeping a few secrets :-)

So … we’ve been keeping a few secrets lately. Some have already found this one, which slipped unannounced into the store about a week ago. Orleans: Then and Now … greatest hits and MORE! is a brand new compilation of all the A-list stuff that people ask for all the time at the live shows. It […]

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Larry releases “One of the Lucky Ones” CD

Larry Hoppen’s newest collection is a project that spans many years. Enhancing / redoing some of the tracks from his 1996 Looking For the Light CD, adding NEW songs, then mixing and remastering it all as one album yields a VERY listenable and satisfying group of tunes! The band includes Tony Levin (bass), David Sancious (keys) […]

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Thanks … just thanks!

It’s Thanksgiving Day here in the US. A day we set aside to proclaim and celebrate our gratitude for that which we have … or even what we don’t have … or just the fact that we’re still standing. Even in these generally tough times for all, there IS so much to be grateful for. […]

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Two more off-the beaten-path music works …

Two more off-the beaten-path music works you might like to investigate: The first is a performance I (Lance) did of the John Hall/Bob Leinbach song, “Serenity” on Feb. 24th, 2008, at the church I attend here in Nashville. Every Sunday I’m home I play acoustic guitar in the church band. We often have guest artists […]

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