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Spring Fever is back!

I know, I know … ┬áthis is old news … since it seems like spring came early all over the world; especially here in the states. Here in Nashville, February felt like March; March felt like May and April … well, it kinda feels like April (and that’s a good thing) :-)

This is the time of year we get to break out that perennial favorite, Spring Fever, dust it off and play it at a few shows before the season changes. One such opportunity occurred on March 11th at The Mohegan Sun Casino in Connecticut. Once again, Orleans returned to The Wolf Den … and this time we were joined by co-founder, former bandmate and ex-Congressman John Hall.

That performance is now immortalized in this YouTube video

Click to go to YouTube

While you’re over at our YouTube Channel, please consider subscribing. That way you’ll be among the first to know any time we upload something new … and we do have some very cool things in the can waiting for upload.

Among them is a video of 17 year old Samantha Hoppen (Lance’s daughter) singing onstage with her dad at his annual Big Birthday Bash Show this past January. Anyone want to see that?

How about a 1982 lip-synched rendition of Still the One from the TV show “Solid Gold“? … complete with the Solid Gold Dancers, Rex Smith, Marilyn McCoo and much younger, thinner versions of Lance, Larry and Lane Hoppen as well as guitarist Michael Mugrage and drummer Nick Parker? Now that’s something you don’t see every day! (not sure how long that one will stay up due to content ownership rules)

And there’s more where that comes from. So come join us at the OrleansOnline YouTube Channel!


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One Response to “Spring Fever is back!”

  1. BarbaraM Says:

    Yes, would love to see Samantha singing with Lance! Also the 1982 “Solid Gold” show! Couldn’t find those on YouTube, so maybe you didn’t upload them yet? Thanks, and hope you guys are having fun at Daytona Beach!