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What did he say about a NEW Orleans album?

Just recently (September 15th, 2010), our own Larry Hoppen was interviewed by Canadian guitarist / Independent Radio Host, Jason Saulnier.

Hailing from Nova Scotia, Jason’s bio says he interviews roughly 100 artists per year! He engaged Larry by phone for about 20 minutes total. Among the topics discussed are …

1) Orleans’ and Rock & Pop Masters’ touring schedules, both upcoming and recent past (including RPM’s visit to 5 military bases in Iraq and Kuwait ths past summer)

2) The evolution of the music business

3) Classic amplifiers and guitars (including Larry’s 1957 Strat)


Ah! … here is the first “leak” of this (hopefully) long-awaited project!

Well, at least we know that we here at Orleans Central have been awaiting this next song collection’s production for some time now … and we believe that YOU, our friends and fans, will also start salivating once we start to unveil some of what we’ve already recorded, how and when we intend to finish the rest … and how YOU can become involved in the process!

Curious about ANY of this? Then head on over to the Jason Saulnier Interviews Legends site and hear it straight from the horse’s mouth!

Also visible at YouTube (part 1 and part 2).

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