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ESPN uses Still the One for “It’s not crazy; it’s sports” commercial

It’s the Thing that wouldn’t die!

From it’s first application to the commercial marketplace as the theme song for the ABC Television Network (here and abroad) in 1977, through the seemingly endless usages by everything from car dealerships to local banks, from NutriSystem to Burger King, there’s probably  been very little time that the song Still the One has NOT been in use as a radio/TV commercial. This latest client took Larry and me by surprise, though — ESPN, the cable TV network sports giant.

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Back to ESPN …

It took a fan/friend mentioning to Larry that he had seen this ad running for us to become aware of it. These licenses are things that often happen at the publisher’s office (EMI), cutting deals between the copyright owners (J&J Hall on the songwriter side and Warner Bros. on the master recording side) with clients (in this case, ESPN). Sometimes we know about them beforehand but, in this case, it was just a pleasant surprise!

All we can say is, “Thank you, all !!!”

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