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Happy 4th of July! – Orleans sing the National Anthem at Tampa Bay

Happy 4th of July, America!Don’t mean to offend or leave out any of our International friends, but the 4th of JulyIndependence Day … is a uniquely American holiday. Still, I’m sure many other nations around the globe have their equivalents. So, what the hey … Happy 4th of July, EVERYONE! 

Let’s not forget that the freedom and independence we celebrate on this day was hard-won with the blood of our forefathers … and that the battles to maintain those freedoms are, unfortunately, still not over. Whether or not we choose to support or protest a given conflict, let’s never fail to support the service men and women who, through their committments and sacrifices, allow us the freedom to make such a choice.


With that awareness, we dedicate the following offering to them …

Orleans at Tropicana Field

 On Friday, April 17th of 2009, Orleans had the great privilege and honor of performing our National Anthem at Tropicana Field, Tampa Bay, FL. The Rays took on the Chicago White Sox in what was to become one of the most thrilling ball games any of us had ever seen. Punctuated by a grand slam home run that took the Rays from behind to one run ahead, the ultimate outcome was not to be decided until the final out … with the home team victorious. Now THAT’s a ball game!

To view the video, click here
Orleans takes the Field!

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