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Gigs in April!

Have you ever been SO busy that you feel like you just can’t catch up, let alone get ahead of the curve?

Well, that’s my story … and I’m stickin’ to it! Not that it’s ALL good and fun stuff, but a LOT of it is really exciting. Too much to go into now, but I’ll just say that Orleans and RPM have BIG plans for a whole new interactive web presence that will give you endless access to us, each other, and hours upon hours of entertainment values.

Meanwhile …

You might want to take 5 minutes to catch the ever-evolving and newest version of the RPM roster video collage on the Home page at


Footage has been added from the recent show in Weston, FL as well as a clip from the big Nashville show last October.

On that note, yes, Weston and Nashville were AMAZING shows and there are lots of videos and stills from both events still unseen by most humans … SO much content that it’s become overwhelming to this part-time webmaster to process and post the information. And it lools like it will only escalate with more and more cool content to add. THAT’s where this new web presence will take over and provide the means to get it all out to YOU in a timely manner. More about this as it develops …

More immediately …

Tuesday, April 21st – 8 PM
Las Vegas, NV

Imperial Palace Hotel (Sorry — this is a private event for Panasonic, but we still like to let you know what’s happening)


featuring Jimi Jamison and Joey Molland  (Badfinger)


Saturday, April 25th – 8 PM
Wildwood, NJ Convention Center
Just wanted to mention that Lance (that’s me :-) will be playing bass for Felix Cavaliere’s Rascals. This is always an honor and great fun for yours truly! Just to make it that much cooler, the other acts on the bill are The Turtlles and Peter Noone (Herman’s Hermits). If you’re anywhere close, come on down!











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