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Peace Sign Project at IthacaFest

Orleans is honored to be playing the IthacaFest on Sunday, June 22nd at 4 PM, following the amazingly inspired “Stand Up for World Peace” project.

At 3 PM, thousands of Ithacans will gather in Stewart Park in an attempt to set a record for the world’s largest human peace sign. The entire event will be broadcast to a global audience via YouTube, all to advocate for world peace.

Trevor Dougherty, a sophomore at Ithaca High School, is organizing the event. Dubbed “Ithaca’s YouTuber” by the Ithaca Journal last year, he will also aid in the creation and web syndication of a viral video documenting the event.

You can read more about this event and see two of Trevor’s videos at

Trevor’s work has been featured on Google’s official blog, YouTube’s official blog, the homepage, Anderson Cooper’s show on CNN, Red TV in the U.K., and on the BBC’s Radio Five. His “Stand Up for World Peace” video was nominated for YouTube’s most inspirational video of 2007. Five of his videos have been featured in the YouTube categories/spotlight section, and one on the homepage. YouTube’s Steve Grove also recognized him as YouTube “Citizen of the Week,” at some point, when he was still doing that. Trevor was one of YouTube’s first guest editors and remains the youngest person to have ever edited YouTube’s homepage!

See more of this inspiring young man’s work at his YouTube Channel

And, if it’s at all possible, come PARTICIPATE in the creation of the World’s Largest Human Peace Sign!

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Lance, The Road, June 15, 2008, 5:21 PM

2 Responses to “Peace Sign Project at IthacaFest”

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  2. robinia Says:

    Check out my review of yesterday’s excellent peace sign event and very long and wonderful (thank you!) Orleans set at the Ithaca Festival, on NYS’s prime progressive-politics blog, The Albany Project!

    With a link to a picture of the peace sign, but no pix of the band (sorry- I used to be the teenage girl just dancing without a beer; 36 years later, I’m the grandma just dancing without a camera!). Since all the rest of you old-time Ithaca fans had one and were using it, somebody put a link to one, and I will add it to my TAP post.