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Ithaca Aftermath

Hey Gang!

Back home and recovered from the whirlwind Jacksonville/Ithaca weekend. REALLY a lot of fun, but hardly a moment to catch our breath from the time we left Saturday morning until we collapsed Sunday night.

In Jacksonville, Florida, we not only shot video for K-Tel, so they can release Still the One and Dance With Me as video singles on iTunes (more about that as it develops), we had a pro photgrapher there to do stills. There should be PLENTY of stage shots coming from the Jacksonville show, but there are none for right now.

Meanwhile, in Ithaca, New York …

Onboard with Dr. Tom and Pam SocashOne of the major highlights of the weekend was meeting and hangin’ with the winners of the Cruise Contest, Dr. Tom and Pam Socash … and their 4 kids — Tyler, Trevor, Nikki and Eric. Great folks and very gracious guests.

Thanks to everybody who contributed their memories to this blog and congratulations to Tom Socash for winning the prize! You can read his (and ALL the entries) HERE.

Also on the boat — (Left) With former Orleans drummer, Charley Shew, and the original Orleans fan and musical archivist, Sky Schrode
(Right) With our champion make-it-happen-guy, Tom Kallman, without whom the Ithacafest gig would have never been hooked up. Thanks, Tom!

with Ithaca gig co-ordinator and friend, Tom Kallmanwith former Orleans drummer, Charley Shew, and ancient fan, Sky Schrode

Speaking of highlights, how about this arial shot of the World’s Largest Human Peace Sign?

World's Largest Peace Sign at IthacaFest











Organized by Ithaca high school student, Trevor Dougherty, 5800 people came together in an attempt to set the new Guiness record. Read more about this inspiring young man’s good works HERE.

Shortly thereafter, this is what we looked like to the crowd when we debuted our new song, The Moment (coming soon to a digital release near YOU!) —

What we looked like to the crowd







And this is what it looked like from onstage! That’s beautiful Lake Cayuga in the distance.

What it looked like from stage!












Fly couldn’t resist joing the audience for an extended walk-around solo during the encore, Tongue-Tied. Nobody seemed to mind! :-)

Fly takes his solo out into the peeps!

And, after the set was over, we signed and signed and signed …

We LOVE our fans!!!
It was an absolutely gorgeous day in Ithaca, both day and evening and 

Having been some days in preparation, a splendid time was guaranteed for all

Special appreciation goes to Scott Wiggins at La Tourelle Resort & Spa for his tremendous generosity and hospitality.

Indeed, we wish to thank EVERYone … especially our long-time Ithaca fans …who made this Ithaca/Orleans Homecoming not only possible, but a truly memorable experience.

As Arnold said, “We’ll be back!”

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